Shall I Trade with Wonder Coins?


When it comes to crypto exchange industry, there isn’t a lot of brands that would engage in such a risky business. And don’t get us wrong – we are talking about the strict requirements that come with the territory. Namely, the crypto trading is a highly valuable activity that requires whole different types of laws and regulations. Not to mention a different kind of approach to the market and the clients.

Wonder Coins is one of those brands that are able to contribute to the overall image of the crypto exchange industry. That’s mainly because of its reliability and dedication to the clients. The company is based in Estonia, Europe, which is one of the toughest markets in the world. European regulatory bodies are quite tough on the companies that are trying to engage in the world of crypto trading. So, it is necessary for each one of them to always follow these rules in order to honour each of their clients. In this Wonder Coins review, we will show you exactly how a reliable broker looks like, and why it is important for such big names to have our trust.


The process of opening an account with Wonder Coins is easier than ever. In just a few steps you can register for it, and wait a while for it to be processed and verified. We assume you wish for that process to be as efficient as possible. This is why there is a way you can help Wonder Coins team to speed things up! Namely, all you need to do is provide them with your personal documentation that will vouch for your identity. This way, no one could ever try to abuse your profile, your information or your funds.

Everything you need to know about this process is explained in details on the Terms & Conditions page. Here, you can find the list of countries that are supported by Wonder Coins, as well as which rules you as a client need to follow in order to be eligible to trade with them. For example, all attempts of fraudulent activities are strictly forbidden, of course. Wonder Coins is so committed to this cause, that they are joining forces with the authorities to combat these attempts. In case of Wonder Coins discovering or even suspecting of you trying to mess with the rules of fair game, your account will be suspended immediately. This is quite reassuring since it proves that Wonder Coins looks carefully into each one of their clients in order to keep things going smoothly.


Wonder Coins is aware that education is key in any activity, and that especially applies to the crypto exchange. Education is the most useful tool for both first-timers and professional traders, so Wonder Coins is making sure that its clients can get the most out of it. The website provides regularly updated interactive tutorials, that are adjusted to each level of trading knowledge.

But, the most interesting types of educational tools are definitely the articles and the latest news about the market. Here, you can read all about the current financial state, political activity and other factors that can affect your trading. Crypto exchange is especially innovative and exciting, so there are new things to learn about each day.


When it comes to the trading platform, there is not a separate section you need to look for or dig through the website until you find it. Rather, Wonder Coins is pretty upfront with this part too, and you can see the latest tradeable assets right there on the very first page. Here, you can find small windows for each cryptocurrency available for exchange, as well as see its market performance. You can also find information about both buying and selling rates for each asset, and the value is represented in EUR since this is a European-based company, after all.

If you visit the Frequently Asked Questions page, you will notice that these rates are a standard for the industry. Some companies tend to make them bigger so they can get profits based on the difference, but Wonder Coins is not like that. They tend to be respectful to their clients and understand their needs. With this kind of approach, they are able to give them fair conditions at earning profits, based solely on the rules that are driving the crypto exchange market.


A lot of crypto exchange companies tend to forget how crucial it is to have a friendly and knowledgeable customer support staff. There are so many different traders that like things to be done a certain way. For example, some people like clear and direct contact when they need assistance. That’s why Wonder Coins created two options for them. First, you can contact them through the live chat which is available at all times, and only takes a few seconds to connect you with the agent. Also, if you’re a bit more old-fashioned, you can call them on the phone.

In addition, if you have a bit more patience and you’re not in a rush, you can contact them via e-mail or by filling out the form on their website. Here, you can briefly explain your issue and expect the answer within 48 hours. There is also another option to keep in touch but also keep updated with the latest about the company. And that is through their social media profiles, which are up to date and you can expect your comments to be addressed as well.


Wonder Coins takes into consideration the diversity among the clients when it comes to funding as well. That is why they made sure to provide something for everyone. As a result, you can use more traditional payment methods such as credit cards and bank wire transfers. On the other hand, since this is a crypto exchange company, after all, you also have different e-wallets at your disposal as well.

The thing that we need to mention here is the Wonder Coins KYC (Know Your Customer) policy. Namely, this policy is an additional level of safety and security for you and your funds. It requires you to provide relevant documentation to verify your identity. This can be your personal ID or the latest water bill that would prove the accuracy of your resident address.

Verdict: Is Wonder Coins Trustworthy?

Wonder Coins crypto exchange has definitely a lot to offer to people who wish to trade cryptocurrencies. It is one of the first names in Europe to dare to offer digital coins. Clearly, it paid off, considering that the number of its clients is rising daily. Additionally, Wonder Coins crypto exchange aims to be efficient in all other parts of its service. Those include deposits and withdrawals, customer support and education. As a result, we have a reliable and efficient platform for trading cryptocurrencies.