Everything You Need to Know About Coins Hype


Coins Hype is owned and operated by Mormarkets Pty LTD, a company from Australia. This is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that holds a license of financial services, providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against fiat currency.

In their portfolio, you will find Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH), but they promise to add more cryptocurrencies soon and I cannot wait to see what currencies will be on their list.

Account Types

Coins Hype is a crypto exchange and it doesn’t offer different account types. Once you open an account, you can start trading. There is no need to spend time deciding which account to choose.

Since Coins Hype Australia is a legitimate exchange, keep in mind there is an identity verification part. You need to provide them with some documents and they listed all of them in the KYC Process page. After the verification, you will have to decide about the funding method and that’s it. You are ready to trade.

I am impressed by how easy it is to make an account and start trading, so I have to say that I like what I see at a very beginning. Let’s hope things will remain this good once we finish this Coins Hype review. 



In the Education Section, they implemented different parts. There is educational material and if you are a beginner I would always recommend you start with learning from the eBooks they provided.

What caught my attention is the Frequently Asked Questions page and How It Works section. There are places where you can learn a lot. Although FAQ doesn’t seem like something people read it has different answers like what is Bitcoin and why should you buy it or some explanations for Ethereum, how can you buy or sell them, where can you get e-wallet and many more? So, if you run into any trouble, I recommend you seek an answer here.

How It Works part is actually a step by step guide for their website. They explained how to open an account and start trading, so if you are a new client, don’t skip this part.


If you are an experienced trader, then you already know how important it is to have a fast and responsive platform that completely errors free. Well, founders of Coins Hype Australia know that too. The website design is optimised for both, computers and mobile devices. You can trade no matter the location if you have the phone with you.

The platform works without any interruptions, you can switch between buying and selling tabs in seconds, which is great.

The only thing missing is the wallet option. They do not provide one, so you will have to get the wallet through some other online websites or exchange. An excellent thing is that you have complete freedom, no matter where you open your wallet, Coins Hype Australia will send the coins there.



Excellent customer support is something that completes each website, no matter the type of business. Everyone should be available to solve the potential problems of their clients, but especially brokers and crypto exchanges. Without proper customer service, you won’t be able to trade peacefully, knowing you have full support.

That said, I decided to test out one of four different support methods they provide. The Live Chat option seemed like a perfect choice so I sent a message. An answer arrived within a minute. The agent was nice and they helped a lot. My experience with their support was completely positive and the best thing of all, it is so easy to reach out to them.

If you decide to use Live Chat, you can press the icon in the bottom and enter your name and email. That’s it, you can start chatting. But if you do not prefer Live Chats, and you want to have answers on your email you can fill the online form or send them an email, everything is listed on the website.

Aside from that, they left a phone number and if you do not like to chat, this is a perfect option for you. In fact, Coins Hype Australia pointed out you should always call if you have a specific problem that needs to be solved instantly. Since they have different departments, if you send an email you will wait for four business days for a reply, that’s why the phone is the best option.


Speaking of funding, you can do it without any prior knowledge or experience. They made the process simple and focused on the client’s security. Once you decide to buy or sell cryptocurrencies on their website, you will be able to do that with one of two possible methods: POLi/BPAY or Bank Transfers.

Currencies they accept are USD, EUR and AUD and you have complete freedom to choose the one you prefer. There is one thing you need to do first, open a Bitcoin/Ethereum wallet through some online website, hardware vendor or exchange since they do not provide that service.

To protect your account and money, they provided a double safety check. The first one is identity verification and you need to send them government-issued identification, proof of address, credit/debit card and a selfie with your ID. Those are the same documents you used when you verified the account at the beginning.

So, if you already have all those documents, the funding process will be significantly faster. After the identity check, there is a second step of verification and that’s it, you are ready to trade. With each transaction you make, they charge a fee of 5%. This is a small fee, in fact, so I don’t mind it at all.

It’s not a secret that security checks slow down the funding process, but they ensure safe trading and that is the number one priority. Another thing that provides an extra dose of security is a Refund Policy they have. This means your money is protected if any unexpected cancellation happens.

The refund process is as simple as funding. You fill the request and they begin the approval process instantly. After seven business days, you will receive a reply from them. If your request is approved, the money will be on your account. Coins Hype crypto exchange will use the same method you choose upon registering. I like how they implemented this part into their business because this way each client can trade peacefully. You don’t have to worry about what will happen if the account is suddenly cancelled.

Is Coins Hype Safe?

If you still have any doubts about the safety of Coins Hype crypto exchange, you should know that they are completely legitimate. As I already told in this Coins Hype review, they offer excellent opportunities to clients in Australia.

If you open an account and register at their website, you will be able to count on customer support each time you have a question or any potential problems. The platform they offer is excellent. You can buy or sell cryptocurrencies without any interruption.

As you can see, they covered the most important things each crypto exchange needs to have. That is the reason I recommend this as a safe platform for trading cryptocurrencies.