ChangeNOW Review 2020


The cryptocurrency market has been gaining steam since 2019. Bitcoin as well as most other major altcoins have surged in value, thus gaining major interest. In times like these, cryptocurrency exchanges are extremely valuable because they allow users to exchange between different coins. This is where ChangeNOW comes into play.

ChangeNOW is a non-custodial service provider specifically created to enable seamless exchanges. It has over 170 coins available, including the big ones such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, XRP and others. There is no limitation, meaning users can swap as much as they want.

In this ChangeNOW review, we will dive deeper and look at all the essential features of this exchange to find out whether it is a good choice for you.


ChangeNOW offers a user-friendly and fast service without the need for registration or leaving any type of personal information. This makes it a great service for quick and anonymous crypto swaps.

If you don’t own cryptocurrency yet, don’t worry as you can do everything on their website. ChangeNOW allows you to buy crypto without any limits using a credit or a debit card through a third-party partner. You receive your coins directly to your hardware wallet.

The website does not provide proper security such as IP monitoring or two-factor authentication. This is mostly due to the fact the ChangeNOW does not keep user data and funds on their servers. No information, no registration leads to the inability to misuse any information and prevention of identity theft or hacking.


If you are looking to improve your knowledge of the world of cryptocurrency, then you are in the right place. It is amazing what ChangeNOW has been able to do with its library. There is more than sufficient material for both the experienced and the inexperienced traders. All content is easy to navigate as it is divided into different categories based on their topics.

However, this is where the story turns. Even though the blog is constantly updated, you could read everything there is one sitting. Then you’d be left longing for more, but there is nothing on their website that will satisfy your needs.

Even though the Blog section must be commended, it is just not enough. Through contently updating the Blog content and building on some other educational resources, there is hope that ChangeNOW will become the full package. 


Its web platform is simple and easy to navigate even for a beginner. The homepage gives immediate direct access to the exchange feature and all traders really need to start trading is a cryptocurrency wallet supporting multiple assets. All trades are reasonably easy with most of them being complete in up to 10 minutes.

The mobile app operates in a similar manner to the web platform. Users can go right on the trade page and the application comes with no sign-up forms or tutorials. The design is impeccable, and it is very difficult to get lost here, so we can forgive the absence of tutorials.


ChangeNOW has a dedicated customer support team that is very responsive and helpful. While most of the industry neglects this area, this exchange sets a glowing example for the rest to follow. You will have your questions answered promptly regardless of if you wish to engage them via the telephone or email or social media messaging.


As ChangeNOW does not have its own wallet to store coins, there are no deposit or withdrawal fees. There is a minimum network fee. That depends on the blockchain. This amount can vary depending on the network load.

Users should also be aware that purchasing crypto using a debit or credit card, there will be an additional fee of nearly 5% in addition to ChangeNOW’s fee. This means the final fee can end up being quite steep when purchasing coins on the platform.

Can We Recommend ChangeNOW?

To conclude our ChangeNOW review, using the platform for exchanging coins is simple and without any complications. For those looking to purchase Bitcoin or any other altcoin, you can do so on the platform, but we would not recommend it, because of the high price you’ll end up paying. There is a lot of promise behind this crypto exchange. We were generally satisfied and are looking forward to seeing new improvements from their team.